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January Sale from Boise Bows and Arrows, Inc.!

Mid winter is finally here.... The perfect time to be inside.... BUILDING BOWS!

Take advantage of our lowest prices ever on exotic bow building materials and create your own one-of-a-kind long bow for 2015!

Steel Bowyer Templates
Steel Bowyer's Templates 33"-72" Dimensionally perfect, our templates allow you to quickly and effectively trace out your backings and staves.

33" Reg. $39.99 This Month $33
50" Reg. $49.99 This Month $43
66" Reg. $74.99 This Month $63
72" Reg. $79.99 This Month $68

Belly Wood (66" & 72")
Add strength and beauty to your custom bow by choosing from 9 different belly wood options!

Reg. $34.99 ... This Month $28.99

Exotic Riser Woods (14")
Add strength and beauty to your bow by choosing from 9 different riser wood options!

Reg. $8.99 ... This Month $6.99


Bamboo - Half Round
Bamboo Backing - Half Round (unground)

Reg. $21.00 ... This Month $17.00


Bamboo - Flattened
Bamboo Backing - Flattened (ground)

Reg. $29.00 ... This Month $25.00


Bamboo - Shaped Strip
Bamboo Backing - Shaped Strip (ready for glue up)

Reg. $36.00 ... This Month $32.00


Turgeon Wood Glue (8 oz)
America's Favorite Wood-to-Wood, 2-part Wood Glue.
Enough glue for 4 staves/bows.

Reg. $6.99 ... This Month $5.60


Arrow Rest
Increase your accuracy with a weather-proof Arrow Rest!

Reg. $4.99 ... This Month $3.99


Handle Wrap Kit
Genuine Leather Handle Wrap Kit.

Reg. $15.99 ... This Month $12.99


Fleece Bow Socks
Protect your long bow from the elements to and from your shooting destinations.

Reg. $19.99 ... This Month $15.99

I am proud to announce my affiliation with the world's largest archery forum ArcheryTalk.com

ArcheryTalk has created Tom Turgeon's Traditional Forum where I will answer bow building questions from all over the world!

Please consider this to be my personal invitation for you to post your bow building questions, stories and experiences in order to help others achieve their archery goals.

Click here to watch my introductory interview.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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