U-Finish-It Long Bow Kit
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U-Finish-It Long Bow Kit


Our U-Finish-It Long Bow Kits are tailor made with busy archery enthusiasts in mind!

Allow us to provide all the technical aspects of building a bow -to your specifications- while you tap into your creative side and apply stain, a clear topcoat or an extravagant dye induced finish. 

Whether you want a bow for family recreation or hard core hunting purposes, our tough, READY-TO-SHOOT bamboo backed Yellowheart bows require minimal finishing time and no prior finishing experience.

Simply sand the bow's surface, personalize your bow with TransTint Dyes* and apply the 3-part Tru-Oil Finishing System* for a spectacular appearance on your functional work of art!

Match your Arrows to your custom bow by using the same finishing materials and techniques!

Each kit includes a ready-to-shoot bamboo backed long bow, detailed Long Bow Finishing instructions, 180 & 220 grit sandpaper, a hand twisted Flemish bowstring and string nock.

Click here to see samples of TransTint/Tru-Oil System finishes.

*TransTint Dyes and 3-part Tru-Oil Finishing Systems sold separately.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Bow Length:66 inch
72 inch
Bow Style:Traditional (Straight Limbs)
Reflex/Reflex Limbs
Reflex/Deflex Limbs
Draw Weight:20# - 24#
25# - 29#
30# - 34#
35# - 39#
40# - 44#
45# - 49#
50# - 54#
55# - 59#
Draw Length:24 inch
25 inch
26 inch
27 inch
28 inch
29 inch
30 inch
Free DVD, choose one:Long Bow Building Workshop DVD
Advanced (Reflex/Deflex) Long Bow Workshop DVD
Long Bow Finishing DVD
Long Bows with Power Tools DVD
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