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Thursday, December 16 2010

Arrows: Proper Spine Weight

Hello Boise Bows and Arrows students and customers.
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For your safety's sake please make the time to watch these 2 very short video clips.

In every one of our Long Bow Building/Finishing Classes we discuss the importance of spine weight * as it relates to arrow strength and flight.

Arrows that are not properly spine weight matched to your long bow will not only interfere with accuracy but potentially create very dangerous shooting situations as you will see in these videos. 

Archers Paradox - Super slow motion video

All of our arrows are spine weight matched Port Orford Cedar to ensure you receive a safe, reliable product.

Shoot safely..

* "The spine weight, or "stiffness" of the wood shaft is the most important characteristic of the arrow shaft. Port Orford Cedar arrows are spined both automatically and manually. The average dozen arrows with the same spine weight will not vary more than plus or minus 2 1/2 pounds and that difference is frequently hard to notice for the bowhunter." Excerpts from "Bowhunting with Wood Arrows"

Spine weight is determined by the diameter of the arrow shaft and the density of the wood. Port Orford Cedar arrows allow for smaller diameters (e.g. 11/32") with higher spine weights. For bow hunting archers, these wood shafts provide plenty of spine weight and physical weight- the key to penetration.


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Thursday, November 04 2010

Check out our new Videos Page where we will post videos of BBA students with their hand crafted bows.

Have a video for us?  Let us know!  - Tom

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