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Long Bow News!

10 days in Texas: TV Spots, Learning About Long Bows and Bow Hunting Hogs

Dallas/Plano- Talkin' Long Bow Building.
We made the most out of our time at the new Dallas/Plano Woodcraft discussing and demonstrating the stave milling and laminating process- complete with an explanation on using tension to build better long bows. It served very well as a hands-on question and answer seminar.

San Antonio- Honoring our Military Veterans.
Monday morning found me on base at my Ft. Sam Houston/WFSC Wounded Warrior only class. My WW students and I appeared on San Antonio's FOX Channel 29 WKBB and NBC Channel 4 WOAI Morning Shows. Our host, Entertainment Reporter and San Antonio native stand up comedian Cleto Rodriguez kept us laughing in between and during spots. Photo Journalist Josh Campos was behind the camera keeping us on track, on time and most importantly.... in line!

South Texas- Hog Hunt!
While my Wounded Warrior student (from my November, 2014 WFSC Long Bow Class), was unable to make the trip, I was fortunate enough to spend a few days hunting on a good friend's ranch. As usual, there were lots of Javalina, whitetail deer and feral (wild) hogs. My buddy put me in a great spot and I ended up stalking and taking a nice HOG with my bow.

There's nothing better than hunting with a long bow you built with your own hands and putting fresh, truly organic meat on the table for your family and friends!

Although I have respected their requests to leave their names out, I'd like to send out a special "Thank You" to several very supportive folks who are always there to make things happen when I'm in Texas. Suffice it to say, they are all as modest as they are generous.


The world's largest archery forum Archery Talk has created Tom Turgeon's Traditional Forum where I answer long bow building questions from all over the world. Join us today!

Check out our students shooting bows they built in our classes on YouTube!

I am proud to announce my affiliation with the world's largest archery forum

ArcheryTalk has created Tom Turgeon's Traditional Forum where I will answer bow building questions from all over the world!

Please consider this to be my personal invitation for you to post your bow building questions, stories and experiences in order to help others achieve their archery goals.

Click here to watch my introductory interview.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



"Tom is an excellent teacher, archer and craftsman. The final product far exceeded my expectations. From the rough cut stave to the finished product, Tom walked me through every step. The bow I built is extremely functional and after Tom's Finishing Class, it ended up being a beautiful piece of art as well!" Max Unger 2014 Super Bowl Champion and All Pro Offensive Lineman, 2013, 2014 - Seattle Seahawks

For information on our U.S. Military Veteran Programs click on these links:
Wounded Warrior Long Bows, Warrior Family Support Center (WFSC) & Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)

Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III with Master Bowyer Tom Turgeon and Wounded Warrior SPC Quinton Picone at a recent W.F.S.C. Long Bow Building Class.

"The generosity and kindness you provide to our Wounded Warriors and their families is priceless. You are making a huge difference in many of their lives and helping our soldiers heal simply by offering your expertise and encouragement.  It is caring and supportive individuals like you that make our Country truly remarkable.  Thank you again for all your support. Army Strong!"
- Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III

Congratulations to Stephen B. of central Maine, USA! 
Stephen WON a custom built, Bamboo Backed Long Bow made just for him by Master Bowyer Tom Turgeon by "Liking Us" on Facebook, sharing our link with his friends and posting a comment on our Facebook Page.

To learn more about future EXCLUSIVE offers to our Facebook Friends, simply Like Us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

"Tom, I really enjoyed the conversation today. I can tell how much passion you have for your art. We're all looking forward to the bow. I suspect one of these three will inherit it, but in the meantime, I intend to put it to good use.

Thank you very much for making this opportunity available for archery fans; and I look forward to sharing stories with others. As I said to my wife earlier, it's not every day you get to make the acquaintance of a master bowyer; at least not in 2013.

Also, as a veteran of Desert Storm, I wanted to say how much I respect and appreciate you for your work with the Wounded Warriors."- Stephen B., Central Maine, USA

"Tom Turgeon is a great Master Bowyer- an exceptional teacher and archer. His passion and art has created America's finest long bow. I've never had more fun making his bows!" - Scott Phillips PBS - American Woodshop

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