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Long Bow Building Workshop


Nationally known Master Bowyer Tom Turgeon's Long Bow Building Classes have been a sensation across the country!

Tom currently works directly with our nation’s Wounded Warriors, teaching servicemen and women in every branch of our US Military to build their own long bows. Tom has been featured on PBS' “American Woodshop”, has been published in “Woodcraft Magazine” and the WoodWorker's Guild of America’s Magazine.

Archers, bow hunters, SCA enthusiasts and woodworkers alike have benefited from Tom’s hands-on immersion class in building authentic long bows.

First-time students to Tom's classes will make a traditional, Bamboo-Backed Long Bow.

Returning students* will make an advanced, Reflex/Deflex Long Bow.

This hands-on class will cover selection of woods, curing and tillering of a stave, stringing and shooting a handcrafted bamboo backed long bow. Students will take home a bow, two wooden arrows, a hand twisted Flemish bowstring and a working knowledge of how to "teach" wood to bend.

In the Finishing portion part of the class, Tom will teach you the professional techniques he uses to apply a custom, weatherproof finish on your new long bow! Whether you envision a clear, durable topcoat over natural bamboo or an extravagant dye induced midnight blue handle phased into starburst limbs, Tom will share over twenty years of experience using proven weatherproof finishing techniques with you. This class will take your woodworking and finishing skills to the highest level. Class size is limited to 8 students so be sure to sign up today!



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