Hey, JBR, just a follow up and review of Tom's class. I had mine finally this past weekend - best weekend in Archery I have had in a long time, if ever. The hours pass like nothing but time to kill. I'm not sure how far along you guys got on those, but if you still are in the building stages, I would highly suggest one of you take his class if and when it comes to WA. The best thing I can say about the class Tom puts on is that he holds nothing of trade tricks/techniques to himself.

By taking the class, I now know there is one thing to working down the wood and another to working the wood down in a fashion to get a perfect floor tiller with minimal stress remaining on the bow - as he puts it, bows of this kind break more from leaving too much wood in the wrong places than from anything else. It's all about relieving the stress in a controlled fashion - that's something I could not have figured out, except through trial and error, unless shown in a hands on way. I feel years have been shaved from my learning curve.

I didn't stay for the third day of finishing, so still have to stain and seal mine, but the bow came out better than I could have ever expected. It shoots great, too. Haven't done any testing, heck, I don't know the exact weight yet either Assume about 35# where I wanted based on feel.

One other thing - I have spoke shaves but we used basically a #10 Nicholson rasp for the whole project to purposely keep wood removal slow, but, on the next one (have 2 more coming to build) I will be using one of his
Turgeon Tools flat-soled spoke shave - man, that thing makes the best shave out there look like a dull butter knife.