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The Wilderness Bow Building Class is not for the faint of heart!


These three day classes are conducted in an IDAHO WILDERNESS* setting using only the two most basic survival tools- your brain and a KNIFE. 
These classes can be held anywhere in the USA or Canada. More typically, we hold these workshops in the massive wilderness areas of Idaho!
Our Wilderness Class entails constructing bows out of indigenous woods in a primitive setting using only a knife!
Class instruction includes but is not limited to the following:
Selection of wood, determining tension, bow design and layout, tillering, stringing, tuning and shooting a primitive** bow!

Class size: 1 - 7 (unless otherwise agreed upon)


*Alternate wilderness locations, anywhere in the United States and Canada are negotiable and welcomed.

** A bamboo backed bow can be substituted for students wanting a wilderness bow building experience with the added benefit of a more refined bow.








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